not so winter blues

you know those doldrums you get when it's cold and dreary and cloudy and you just wanna cry for no reason? well down here it really is for no reason. because it's not winter. not in the strictest most wonderful sense of the word. you see its cooler here about 70... need i go on? you folks in the cold places don't know how lucky you are. we're missing snowboarding. and watching the snow. and fires in fireplaces. and scraping off the cars even. sigh. i'm not trying to be a sad sally but sheesh. what happened to winter? i know i know we live in florida now i should be happy i could go to the beach today if i wanted to but heck. gimme some snow man!

rant over.

i have photos. really i do. they're in the camera. i can't get them out. my computer is dead/dying and the boy has to order parts. so just imagine you're seeing freshly buttonholed baby clothes. a recovered rocker and some mostly finished socks. have that image. now hang on to it. til my computer gets fixed i'm stuck using this linux thing of the boy's without photoshop, with all my nifty photo editing gadgets :(

so stay tune. k?


Anonymous Stacy said...

I hear ya! In NC, it still gets chilly (we're at 34 right now), but snow is pretty much unheard of. If it's gonna be cold anyway, give me snow!

Hope the winter doldrums leave you alone soon.


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