bad blogger

i haven't posted i'm sorry.
and now you just have to forgive me for the photo barf that is about to ensue.
just realize that my mind, house, and workspace are in the same state of chaos...

and in no particular order...

quilt blocks

quilt top

quilt back

quilt closeup

no comments from the peanut gallery regarding wonky crooked quilting stitches. dave has already informed me of such.
dave. dog.

this is dave's friend jon. we go to jon's for thanksgiving. this is jon and the hat i knitted for him on turkey day while i was waiting for the others to stop playing video games. i promised the hatwould be finished in time for gathering turkey from the grill. our host was not disappointed. his ears were warm. he was amused.

yarn: double stranded red heart. needles: borrowed clover dpns size 10.5. beggars can't be choosers and bored knitters are definitely beggars. thanks brandy for the loans it was better than watching video gaming i promise :)

we have friends who are preggers. you know this if you've been following along. a few months ago these hats were requested by the daddy to be. mini hat recipient is also the recipient of above dayglo quilt (colors selected by future mom). colors selected by dad for hats. he wants to freak out the grandparents i think

head to toe leads us to hogwarts socks. from round one. my rescue knitter, marker maker, needler, and swap mom were fantastic. thanks guys.

pattern: eyelet spirals, yarn:mama llama bamboo sock, thanks again guys you rock!
next up rocking stuffies fabulous books found at a second hand shop in louisville, colorado

i'm dying to make the elephant

these are from the 70's if i rmember correctly

can't you tell?

i cannot wait to make these guys. but i have to because i'm only 2 more outfits in to the baby clothes

courduroy jumper in the newborn size

and the romper in the medium size from the same pattern

so glad to see others are making these smocks too!

i filed away the colorado thanksgiving trip stash acquirements before i photographed anything. and i'm sorry but i've been swamped. can you tell? the yarn was some manos mohair for a sweater. some meunch bulky for some slippers for sue's shop, some trekking for mom some more socks, some dale from shuttles for overdying and then more socks, some panda cotton from sue's, and i think thats it. if i've forgotton we won't find out til who knows when :(

also recently acquired. the shirt i ordered from ravelry. and the nifty buttons. i love buttons.

and last but certainly not least. mom and auntie found a knittingmachine and ribbing attachment in fantastic condition at a junk sale up in the mountains. cost? $50 with all the required and then some books to figure out how to use the beastie. books. learning courses, patterns gallore. yups thats 3 whole binders and some pamphlets and the regular books too.

the downside. shipping was double.
now how does this thing go???


Blogger Dee said...

You HAVE been busy. The rompers are adorable!

Blogger WandaWoman said...

Sorry I missed you while you were here. I meant to call you, but I recently changed jobs and I can't seem to get my stuff together.

The rompers are really cute! And I like those new eyelet socks too.


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