not dead.

just distracted.

and can you blame me? look at the weather!

i've been trying to find something...anything ...to do other than realize it is crummy and raining out. i guess it has only been raining for a couple of days and i have been a.w.o.l. for longer than that but i have an excuse. really!

i've been re-learning how to sew!

well sort of...
exhibit a:

the first project on my new machine!

view b:

it's a maternity top!


no really it is a blouse. but it's enormous and those gathers in the front are doing nothing for me. well they definitely do something... but it's nothing good!

fortunately i do know someone who is preggers. (no i am not!) and she'll be trying the top on tomorrow before we go shopping for baby bedroom set patterns and fabric! i am having so much fun getting ready for baby. i like this side of it...shopping, sewing, and knitting. all the fun bits with no morning sickness, no belly, and no baby!

speaking of baby. she will be the recipient of these:

no i'm not planning on kate having a one footed baby...i forgot to take the correct size needles with me on movie night so i couldn't work on shoe number 2. nor am i planning on her having a ridiculously foreshortened baby...i'm just taking bad photos lately. deal.

rollneck, with roll edged sleeves and bottom. shoulder placket raglan sweater. bottoms from last minute knitted gifts also with rolled edges and saartje's bootee"s". the yarn is tatamy tweed so far i've used 2.5 balls and plan to make the bootees in the larger size also.

we had this guy a few weeks ago at work and i couldn't resist...and he matches the above set perfectly. the question is can i bear to part with him?

so see i've been busy. way too busy to post. what with work and sleeping :) heck there's hardly time to knit or sew. and then there is the dilemma ...sew or knit? how does one choose when there are so few spare moments?

so i've been working on a few more random bits. and i'm knitting on some more socks for dave well they are waiting to be frogged and restarted i though his hobbit feet were wider than they really are. d'oh. so yeah. shoot me. oh, not to mention knitting and ripping out the hogwarts socks 2 times...i'm not posting them til later so you'll see the whole excruciating thing later i promise. and there is a super secret bookmark in the works as well. oh, and some stitch markers. i have the yarn somewhere and i have yet to track down the pattern i want to send along. so see, my brain is exploding from all the activity around here!

i'm absolutely loving my new sewing room (aka the dining room) dave is a little less than thrilled but i clean up when people are coming over so i don't know what his deal is.!

and it is good that i have all that space this is my sewing shortlist...stack...whatever

the queue is extensive.
i'll post updates as they come.

this was rather jumbled wasn't it? oh well. so am i it seems.


Anonymous Flyin' Needles said...

YAY! You're not dead! :)

I'm finding my sewing machine today to start on fall/winter PJs for the boys. I have a top cut out, but nothing sewn.

Your Hogwarts socks are vexing me at every turn. Don't worry, though, it'll all work out. It always does.

Blogger Meike said...

Oh, I'm so excited about your sewing projects! I can't wait to see what comes next out of the queue!

Blogger Dee said...

That owl is so cute. I can see how it is hard to part with him (her?).

Well ....all that stuff to do at least you won't be bored.


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