so. yeah. umm.

i know i know i've been a.w.o.l. for quite some time. but i've been busy with well life.
heres a few things that have kept me away from you.
work. obviously.

spending time with family ie: mom with birthdays and tea parties and all sorts of sewing projects and then spending time with and knitting hats (shedir and odessa) for auntie (who has just started chemo for stage 4 lung cancer) no we're not even gonna talk about that any more. conversation closed.

knitting samples for sue's shop (socks & kids hats etc).

knitting thigh high socks for a friend. yes i am completely insane.

learning to dye yarn with dear sweet wonderful jenifer.

visiting with friends of dave and no me from philly. and dying yarn with said new friends. and

visiting yarn shops that hav ebeen inthe denver area for years that i never got around to seeing.

driving dave to and from the airport on his was to job interviews.

working on a quilt i started back in high school. yes thats right. in my fabric trunk i found quilt squares i started 11 years ago...i also found a quilt half finished for a wedding present for friends who got married 3 or 4 years ago i can't remember which...also sewing on daves christmas pants (yesthey are 2 almost 3 months late and mom's bathrobe and pj's. also late.

planning to repair mom's pie safe

contemplating what possesions i can chuck. anybody want an aquarium? how bout 4 aquariums? 6? oh heck i'll tell the truth 8. final answer.

and you wonder what has spurned all of this activity of the hurry up and finish variety? well dave has been offered a job. he should start the 2nd of april and we've been hunting apartments. looking into moving companies. all that nonsense :)

where are we going you ask?
well i'll be dropping from 5280 to 106 for starters. and as cathi explained to the shrinky pinks over dinner the other night "miss less-uh-ley" as the kiddos say isn't that cute?
anyway..."miss lesley is moving next door to mickey mouse."
orlando here we come!
anybody know if knitting is even allowed down there???


Blogger Alex said...

Congrats to Dave on the job!!! Sorry you'll be moving so far away, though. FYI, we used Buehler Moving in Denver for our move from NJ and they were quite good. And of course there's knitting down there! Just maybe not quite so much wool. :)

Blogger knotingale said...

Toss out all your winter knitting mags and buy some spring/summer issues! There's lots of knitting in Florida--I read at least 3 knitting blogs by Fla. bloggers.
Better yet, leave your winter mags with your buds in Co. ;)

Anonymous Dipsy said...

Wow, you've been busy, that's for sure! And congrats to Dave on the job!

Blogger Liz said...

Hi, I saw your comment. The bookshelf is from Ikea. It's open on both sides, so I use mine as a room divider.

Blogger Wanda said...

Oh, I'm sorry that you will be leaving ;-(, but very happy for you and Dave. That is awesome! Plus that means I'll know someone in Orlando! You are nuts for knitting knee highs. I thought about it and then realized that would be silly. I don't like tall socks, so how would I stand socks almost up to my knees?

Blogger CynCyn said...

congrats to Dave and you! exciting news, but also sad. I'm guessing you're going to become a big fan of cotton yarns!

Anonymous michaele said...

wow! that's a big move. WHen do you go? I hope we'll see each other first. I'm such a slacker for not calling about your invite a few weeks ago - I've been so busy, not much knitting has happened.


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